Floatify – Quick Replies: Make Android Notifications better

Floatify – Quick Replies is an awesome and cool application I came across to manage notifications for Android.

Today, we get tons of notifications on our phones which we don’t want to miss in anyway. As well we also look for some cool options to check & respond to them with very little effort. Floatify – Quick Replies in one of those applications that makes this simple easy.

This app brings heads-up & lock screen notifcations on phones running on Android Kitkat.

And on phones running on with Android Lollipop & latest version can use features of this app to make notificaitons more accessible.

Let’s start on this app:

Installations & Set up

After you install & open the application for the first time, Floatify will give short introduction about its features.

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Before you enable Floatify notifications, it requires to stop Android notifications so that you don’t get duplicate notifications.

This app has 2 versions. Free and Pro. We will look with Free version in this post.

Set up:

The app’s look and feel will remind you of Windows phones for it tiles view.

First screen of the app looks like Windows Tiles.


Start/Stop notifications

This lets you start/stop Floatify notifications. By default it is started when the app is opened for first time.


Here you will find options to disable stock notifications, tutorial on using the app, give feedback and option to backup your floatify notifications.


Here you will see all the options to personalize the notifications. You can select which apps to show notifications, for what duration, where on screen, etc.

Which – Select the Apps for which you need notifications.

When – Configure whether to show the notifications on Lock Screen or after unlocking.
Position – Where to show the notification? On top or center or bottom of
Interaction – Setup what happens when you single or long press on notification.
Timeout – Here you can set duration for which the notification remains on Lock Screen.
Content – Select whether to display time in notification, and what options to show on Swiping left (SAM – Swipe Menu Action).
Behavior – Set notification sound & screen wake up.wp-1474304249394.png



Here you will see options on what should happen when you perform certain gestures on notifications like pull down. Only couple of options are enabled here in Free version.


Floatify has various themes for notifications. You can use Expert Settings if you want to customize the notifications further like background & forground colors, text colors, etc


Here you can change QuickReply & Direct Replies settings. You can have some predefined replies like Ok, Yes, etc. You just select Direct Reply & then select the message to send.

For some apps like WhatsApp, Skype & Telegram you can mark the message as Read right from notification without opening the app.

The intial settings is a bit complicated one on this app. It might take some time to get the right settings you need. Trust me, it is Worth spending some time in getting the Right settings!


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