Google’s Messaging app Allo is finally here!

Google’s Messaging app Allo is finally here!

Much awaited Google’s messaging app Allo is finally here !

Google launched Allo today, that was announced way back in May this year along with Duo in annual I/O event.

Here is the first look of the app.

It is available for both iOS & Android.



Initial Set up:

Like every app these days, Allo needs access to Contacts, SMS & Storage.

When you open the app for the first time, it will ask for these access. Once it has access you will need to register by entering your phone number and verifying by the code received by SMS. Followed by setting profile picture and name.

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And you are all set to use Allo now!


The UI looks neat, clean & colorful.

Just click the messge icon at bottom left of screen, select the contact & start chatting.

As you chat, Allo pops up sugessted replies with some texts or smileys. And this also has read receipts in form of Tick marks like WhatsApp.

Shout & Whisper – Send messages with smaller or larger texts by just sliding up or down on Send button.

It also has Stickers like Hike Messenger & also you can download more Stickers.

You can also edit pictures before sending (currently on Android). You can add text or draw on the pic just like Snapchat & Instagram stories.

Smart Reply

Smart Reply is a new & distinct feature of Allo. Allo is powered with Artificial Intelligence. As you chat it suggests replies. I assume as you use the app, it will learn about your reply patterns & suggest more better & accurate Smart Replies.

Incognito Chat

Incognito chats are private chats. The messages sent in incognito mode are end to end encrpypted. This also has Expiry time means message will be cleared itself past the expired time. You can chose expiry starting from 5 seconds upto 1 Week. Notifications are private on lock screen.


Google Assistant

Google Assistant is automated chat bot. It can help you find near by restaurants or movies. Or any other search we do. Just type @google and your query in any chat window and it will give suggesstions.


Will update the post as I explore the app more.

Happy Chatting!



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