Instagram – “Save Drafts” now

Instagram – “Save Drafts” now

Instagram ‘Save Drafts’ option live now !!

Instagram today rolled out one more new feature – “Save Drafts”. Instagram announced it by posting a Tweet.

This feature is available for both iOS and Android. No update needed.

Personally I feel this was a much needed feature on Instagram. It happens many times that I’m in middle of uploading a pic and have to stop in middle. Now I don’t have to worry. I can always save it as draft and come back later!

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You see “Save Draft” option only if you have done with editing & have entered a caption or tagged someone or added location.
To use this feature, select photo or video, add effects/edit and then on New Post page enter some info. Then go back to Edit screen and click back arrow. You will see Save Draft option.
Not sure why Instagram has made this a little complex.
Adding an additional option at New Post page would make totally perfect. May be they will add it in next release.


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