Twitter – Lets you create Moments now

Twitter – Lets you create Moments now

Twitter now lets anyone & everyone create Moments

After “Blue Tick” & “I don’t like this Tweet“, now Twitter has introduced one more change. Now anyone & everyone can create Moments on Twitter.

Is it Twitter’s reply to Snapchat/Instagram Stories ?

Few months back Twitter introduced a new feature known as Moments.

Moments are nothing but just a collection of Tweets on any particular Topic. Only few selected accounts were allowed to create Moments initially.

Starting today Twitter now allows everyone to create Moments. Twitter started rolling out this to users today. Some are seeing option to create Moment and some are yet to receive it. A new option “Moments” will appear on your profile page.

Currently only desktop version has option to create Moments.

How to create a Moment :

You can chose to add tweets using below options:

  • Your Likes
  • Tweets by an account
  • Tweets on Hashtag
  • Tweet by Link

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You can save the Moment and come back later to edit and publish.

To see your draft Moment, goto Moments tab.

Other recent changes by Twitter:

Twitter adds new option – “I don’t like this Tweet”

Twitter adds Blue Tick !


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