Whatsapp Video Calls is here now !

Whatsapp Video Calls is here now !

Video calling on Whatsapp is now here for Android, iOS & Windows phones.

After rolling out features like Mentions in Groups & Add texts & emojis to Images & Group Invites, now Whatsapp is rolling out the much anticipated feature – Video Calls.

Already there are many apps offering this feature. Microsoft’s Skype and Apple’s Facetime are big competitiors. And Google’s Duo and Whatsapp are in this race now.

Whatsapp offically announced that this feature will be rolled out first in India. Following this it will roll out in 180 other countries.

One of the biggest advantages is it cross platform support which Facetime misses. Whatsapp also told that these video calls will also be end to end encrypted just like chats and voice calls.

To avoid accidental calling, Whatsapp has added a menu which means you will not receive the accidental calls anymore.

Now when you click on Call icon conversion window, a pop up menu would appear with options to make Voice call or Video call.


I wasn’t able to make the call as the other peson isn’t having the same version as mine.

Also option for Video call is added next to call icon when viewing the Contact Details.

Stay tuned for updates.

Do let me know in comments if anyone has tried Video calling.


Whatsapp is also experimenting with Instagram stories like feature known as Status


(Last Updated – Nov 15)


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