WhatsApp – My Status (feature like Snapchat’s My Story)

WhatsApp – My Status (feature like Snapchat’s My Story)

After adding “Story” feature on Instagram, now Facebook, Inc. is now launching the same feature on WhatsApp  called “My Status”. This new feature is said to be rolled out for iOS, Android & Windows phones in some parts of the globe. And by 24 Feb across the globe.

Whatsapp recently added many new features like Mention People in Groups, Editing Image & Group Invites and Video calling. And here we have one more.

It is an exact copy of Instagram’s Stories. The disappear 24 hours after you post them. You can delete them at any point and also see who has viewed your status. The only difference is here you can select the Contacts who can see your “My Status”.

You can do this by tapping settings icon and select contacts with whom you would like to share. Only selected contacts will be able to see your “My Status”

Here are some screens of redesigned Whatsapp tabs and new features of Android.

Contacts Tab is replaced by Status and a Camera Tab is added so that People can quickly click pics and send across. Also while sharing a on My Story, you can select people from your contact list. (like Snapchat).

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Happy Whatsapping !!! 😀


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