Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger – A Messaging App Without Keyboard

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger – A Messaging App Without Keyboard

Few days back Google’s Area 120 first application – Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger went live on Apple Store and Google Play store.

Area 120 is Google’sin-house start up incubator. Google is created this to help keep its entrepreneurial talent within.

Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger is the first application built by Area 120.

This messenger is similar to Snapchat’s disspearing messages once read. The only difference is it has Voice messages. Other thing that distinguishes this application from all other is that it doesn’t have keyboard. This sounds more of a Walkie-Talkie. (Sounds Exciting?)

As you speak, words are converted into text as well it adds releavant Emojis for words. And the messages are delivered in realtime. Recipent can read them or listen to them. Once messages are seen/heard they are deleted.

You can send also have groups on this messenger app. And in groups, messages are deleted when read/listened by all or by default after 24 hours.

You can signup for this with your google account. And add friends as well invite.

This application looks like an experimental one but it is fun.



Do try out this app and let me know your views/opinions in comments here.

Note: This application is just an experimental one as of now. You may see issues and bugs. The app sometimes crashes. And I’m sure folks at Google must be working to make it better one.


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