Twitter Threads – Official Tweetstorm feature is here.

Twitter Threads – Official Tweetstorm feature is here.

After increasing the character count to 280 and name to 50 characters, Twitter is bringing one more new feature called as – Threads.

Threads, popularly known as Tweetstorm among Twitteratis. Threads feature has been for a while on beta version of Twitter apps. Today, Twitter has officially announced about the rollout of Thread feature on their official blog.


Twitter said in it blog thousands of threads are posted daily on Twitter. And that’s why Thread feature is being added now.

If you post a thread, the first tweet will appear in the timeline as normal, along with up to two more tweets from the thread. To see the rest, your followers will need to tap “show this thread.”

When you post a thread, the first tweet will appear on timeline and next two tweets of the thread below. And “Show this thread” link to see the entire thread.

To post a Thread, Compose your first tweet and then hit the plus button at the bottom right of the composer. To add more tweets to the thread, repeat the same.
Once you are done with composing the tweets, hit Tweet All button and all the tweets in the Thread will be posted.

You can go back to any tweet and edit it when the thread is still in a draft. To add more to this Thread just click reply and add more to the thread.

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Current limit on number of tweets in a Thread is 25 tweets. You can add more tweets to thread as replies after posting the thread.

Twitter said “We’re rolling out these updates to everyone on iOS, Android, and in the coming weeks. Make sure to update your app to check it out.

Do try out this new feature and let me know your thoughts in comments.

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