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Facepalm Emojis are arriving with iOS 10.2

Is there anyone who doesn't need a facepalm emoji..?? Good news for iOS users. Apple is bringing Facepalm emojis with its next iOS update. Along with facepalm emojis, there are few more new emojis that are added like Selfie, sneezing, rofl, Big Eye, Eyes, etc. Currently these emojis are available on iOS 10.2 Public Beta … Continue reading Facepalm Emojis are arriving with iOS 10.2


iOS 10 – Features

Apple releases iOS 10 - New Features Apple launched two brand new iPhones on Sept 9th. iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus. New phones come with new iOS version 10. The final version of iOS 10 has been made available around the world beginning today. iOS 10 has 8 Beta versions before the final version … Continue reading iOS 10 – Features